2022 President’s Report

Canning Community Computer Club

President’s Report January 2023

The Canning Community Computer Club Incorporated was established in 2019 for members of our community who wish to learn about and use a wide range of computer technology. The purpose of the club is to provide easy understanding of today’s technology for its members. 

The Canning Community Computer Club, ( also informally known as the, ‘Canning Community Computer Chit Chat Coffee and Cake Club’ ) is a community-based, non-commercial organisation which provides a place where its members can: 

· connect with the local community in the areas of Riverton, Shelley and Rossmoyne,

· learn new skills in using different computer related technologies, 

· develop a strong network of friendships amongst members through their interaction by helping one another

As a club, we meet regularly every Friday at the Rostrata Family Centre, every Tuesday at Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre.

The Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre has been a strong advocate in ensuring the success of our club, providing us with a room for our meetings and storage areas to keep some of our equipment. In particular, the centre has provided us with a permanent address for all correspondence.

Since its formation three years ago, our numbers have grown to over 60 members, associate members and coffee club members. In addition to our regular meetings, our members, their friends and partners meet socially once a month to have a meal together. To ensure that we are up to date with the latest developments in the area of computing, we actively encourage younger members to join our club. Several of our members have been with us after our meeting place was moved from the former Canning Men’s Shed in Shelley, and they have been active as volunteers in the community for many years. 

Canning Community Computer Club consists of members willing to serve our local community. Our interactions with the local community last year includes promoting the club and displaying our good work for the West Aust. Men’s Shed Association during Seniors Week ‘Have a Go Day’ and for the Canning Council on Volunteers Day.

The club thanks members of the club for the time and equipment they have provided to show the general public 3D computer technology and the things produced using this technology at organised community events throughout the year.

In the coming year, our goal is to purchase a 3D printer and a small CMC (Computerised Numerical Control) router, to help continue our work with introducing to the community the latest computing technologies. I look forward, in the coming year, of being a member in a successful club that is providing a service to our local community in the City of Canning.

Don Buchanan


Canning Community Computer Club