Author: MrMozam

  • Technology Night

    Technology Night

    The CCCC is holding a Technology Night at the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre on Monday 03rd September 2024. We have invited several local Scout, Guide and Cub groups to the event. The club will be exhibiting its 3D Printed and CNC Cutout products. There will be colouring sheets provided for use on the night…

  • Magic Gardening

    Magic Gardening

    Paul has provided the club the following information regarding a competition that he is running on Magic Garden Supplies site. If people have a garden or garden feature, they can enter the competition via the following link: Paul did not previously know of this Garden Center but has promised he will be making a…

  • Wellness Café Attendance

    Wellness Café Attendance

    Ian and Don attended the Wellness Café at the Bullcreek Community Centre to display the club wares and make some sales. After the Café, both people came to the CCCC Club Meeting and proudly announced they had sold $20 worth of ou Wares. About the Wellness Café Join us for a rejuvenating morning filled with activities…

  • January Club Lunch

    January Club Lunch

    Club members and their partners gathered for a very enjoyable lunch at Jack Caddy’s Ale Bar & Bistro in the Market City Tavern on 30th January. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Don setup the club display. Members are welcome to borrow the display if they are going somewhere to exhibit our products.

  • CNC Cutting Explained

    CNC Cutting Explained

    CNC cutting is a manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled machines to cut and shape materials into precise and complex parts. CNC stands for computer numerical control, which means that the machine follows a set of instructions from a computer program. CNC cutting has many benefits over traditional manufacturing methods, such as: **Efficiency** CNC machines can…

  • Use of Robotics

    Use of Robotics

    Robotics is a fascinating field that combines engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and biology to create machines that can perform tasks that are difficult, dangerous, or tedious for humans. Robots are also capable of learning from their experiences and adapting to new situations. Some of the applications and challenges of robotics are: These are some…