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  • CNC Cutting Explained

    CNC Cutting Explained

    CNC cutting is a manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled machines to cut and shape materials into precise and complex parts. CNC stands for computer numerical control, which means that the machine follows a set of instructions from a computer program. CNC cutting has many benefits over traditional manufacturing methods, such as: **Efficiency** CNC machines can…

  • Fidget Coasters

    Fidget Coasters

    The club’s fidget coasters are a great present or a way to fill in time while you are waiting, waiting, waiting…. Contact Don if you want to order some.

  • Robotic Hand

    Robotic Hand

    This robotic hand was constructed by Gary Perceval. It is an example of what 3D printing can be used to produce using electronics and computing application. This is a life size robotic hand 3D printed and constructed using servo motors controlled by an Arduino microcontroller programmed with C++ code. The code allows fingers and thumb…

  • Photo of the Month

    Do you love Photography , Have you got a favourite pic you like to share with us? Then send them to : Email : Photos by Gary Perceval Photo’s Courtesy of Al Greenly

  • CNC


    Mini CNC A mini 3 axis CNC constructed by Gary using Arduino Uno controller board, driver board and 4 stepper motors. This small CNC (compute numeric control) is basically a computer controlled router that can be used to cut patterns, words and CAD designed things from wood or soft metals like aluminium. The frame is…

  • No Fools Tools

    Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Tools we use in our projects. This is where all the magic happens!