Mini CNC

A mini 3 axis CNC constructed by Gary using Arduino Uno controller board, driver board and 4 stepper motors.

This small CNC (compute numeric control) is basically a computer controlled router that can be used to cut patterns, words and CAD designed things from wood or soft metals like aluminium. The frame is made from extruded aluminium and the corners and gantry pieces were printed on a 3D printer using PLA filament. This design is quite easy to make and can be built using a Dremel as the router, but I fitted a 400Watt spindle motor which is a little more powerful.

Gantry and Frame build pictures images taken between Feb 2023 and May 2023.

The frame section with some parts in place lead-screws, stepper motors and rods fitted.

The completed CNC in use using grbl firmware loaded onto the Arduino Uno, with CNCjs software on the laptop sending g-code commands to it via USB interface.

The Original design for this CNC can be found at as DIY 3D printed Dremel CNC and was designed by Nikodem Bartnik.

5-Axis CNC

Click on the picture below to watch a video of a 5-Axis CNC in action.


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