Magic Gardening

Paul has provided the club the following information regarding a competition that he is running on Magic Garden Supplies site. If people have a garden or garden feature, they can enter the competition via the following link:

Paul did not previously know of this Garden Center but has promised he will be making a visit, so please ask Paul for more information.

Good luck should you enter the competition!

The following is just a personal comment by Paul.

Everyone can benefit from some time in even the smallest garden.

Architectural courses now include plantings in the design of buildings – this is called “Biophilic Design”. This design factor is now used to trigger the human sense of relaxation, peace and joy when closely communing with the Natural beauty of plants, earth, water and rocks. Further enhancement to the vision is provided by perfumes that attract insects and sounds of running water that attract frogs.

The complete biophilic garden becomes a micro biosystem that is almost maintenance free when managed properly.

In current times, individuals do not have time to attend glorious gardens in their own homes. Therefore, we urgently need public parks and gardens to have makeovers that produce the magic benefits of Biophilic garden design.

Perth has these garden designers available.


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