The Canning Community Computer Club is actively involved in the design and production of a wide range of goods utilizing the resources at its disposal, including 3D printers, routers, and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cutters. These goods are not only made available to the public, but also offered to the club’s own members. A notable benefit for club members is the opportunity to enjoy discounts when they purchase products created by the club. This creates a mutually beneficial arrangement where both the club and its members can contribute to and benefit from the production and sale of these innovative goods.

Payment for goods can be either by bank transfer or cash. Credit or debit card purchases are not accepted. Bank transfer details can be provided when goods are ordered. Goods can be collected (and paid for) at Club Meetings or, by prior arrangement, at Budget Disposals & Salvage.

Please email or ask any of our club member if you want information on purchasing our items.